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The Clock Doctor is a family-run clock repair company, catering to the wider Johannesburg community and beyond.

We repair and restore clocks from the world’s most renowned timekeeping brands, and for larger jobs, we’ll even come to you.

We also have a wide variety of restored and previously loved clocks for you to purchase to take prime position in your home.


Since 1981, Adrian Blignault has specialised in the repair and restoration of clocks in Johannesburg and Durban for some of the largest jewellery and watch companies in South Africa.

Our Services

We understand how valuable your clock is, not just financially but also sentimentally. This is also especially if your clock has been passed down the generations. Whatever the type of repair, you can rest assured that we take extreme care and attention during the repair, servicing or restoration process.

Clock Repair

We repair a wide variety of clocks from modern to antique – manual winding to automatic movements. We also service and restore a variety of clocks from modern to antique – manual winding clocks to automatic movements.

All work is done expertly and timeously, either onsite or at our workshop, depending on the size of the clock.


We restore old clocks to their former glory.

We have a passion for restoring your treasures to pristine condition.

We also restore and clean clocks and watches.

Clock Sales

Our bespoke antique clocks have been expertly restored to their all-time glory to continue their legacy in a fitting spot in your home.

Our clocks are timeless and will be a welcome part of your home for years to come.

Make an inquiry today as to what clocks we have available.

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